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Place a Rental Reservation

Here's What You Need


Gather information...

1. Look at our rental brochure which can be downloaded from the home page.

2. You may want to come visit us and see what we have to offer.


What do you need...

1. Select items.

2. How many of each do you need and still be in your budget?

3. Will you pick-up and return yourself?

4. Do you need us to deliver and pick-up?  NOTE: Curbside only

5. Do you want to save some money and have us deliver and you return (or vise versa)?


When do you need it...

1. What date and time do you need to pickup the items or have them delivered?

2. What date are you returning the items or have them picked-up?


If coming to our place, please call first so we will be here for you.     



You are now ready...

Call or email us at with the rental information including your name, billing address, phone and email address, items/quantity you wish to rent, and pick-up/return dates so we can fill out a reservation form.


Or just click on the PDF, print it, fill it in and email it back to us.  -->  



We will add in the deposit amount and rental charges and email the reservation back to you.  If all is good, you are all set. When you are ready to  secure and confirm your reservation, call us with your credit card information. Everything will be ready for you on your pick-up date or delivery date.      


Just prior to the big date...

if your order was made months in advance, we will try to re-confirm everything 1 week prior to the event. If anything changes (before we re-confirm or after), we ask that you let us know as we are reserving the items for you. 


We require the security deposit, equal to the full retail purchase price of the items+delivery fee+sales tax, the day before we deliver to your event or you pickup.  Usually customers use a credit card for the security deposit.  We place a "pre-authorized hold" on the card (not a charge) and it is removed when the items are returned in the same condition and agreed-to terms. 



Upon you returning or us picking-up the items, we will expect payment either by cash or credit card.


 The End





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