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Whole and Half Barrel Rentals

serving Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura counties

Having a theme event, pirate party, birthday, wedding or just want something rustic but don't want to buy? Then you've come to the right place! Rent them from Evans Family Barrels!  A used wine or whiskey barrel rental can be just what you are looking for to make that event something special. Use them for tables as stand-a-lone or combine with a tabletop: food, beverage, cocktail, sign-in or cake display tables. Maybe just for decor. Open head  (no top head) can be used for games or ??.  Half wine and whiskey barrels are great for flower arrangements or turn upside down for low tables or platforms. These are the real things. Crafted from white oak, our used wine and whiskey barrels come from wineries, distilleries and breweries.  


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Meet our wine barrels:

Burgundy: 34 - 35" tall and about 28-29" diameter at the center. 

Bordeau: 36.5 - 37" tall and about 27" diameter at the center.

Chateau: 37" tall and about 27" diameter at the center.   Currently out of stock.

Puncheon: 41-43" tall and about 34-36" diameter at the center.  Limited stock.


And not to forget the whiskey barrel: 35″ tall and about 26″ diameter at the center. 

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