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Wine and Whiskey Barrel Table Rentals and more

in the Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties

Having a theme event, pirate party, birthday, wedding or just want something rustic but don't want to buy? Then you've come to the right place! Rent them from Evans Family Barrels!  OK, so you are renting barrels but you're thinking you need something more?  Like a table or two?  Maybe a ice cooler or chest to store your drinks in ice?  What about a center piece for each table? A place to put gift cards? Maybe something a little different than the norm?  


We also rent tabletops, round and rectangular to go on top of your barrels. Need a cocktail table? Rent our 30" tabletops. Each tabletop requires 1 barrel.  Maybe a cake or gift table? Then you might want our 36" tabletop, still requiring only 1 barrel per table. A food table, you say?  Then our 6' and 8' rustic board tabletops or grainy oak veneer tabletops might be what you are looking for.  The grainy oak veneer tabletop requires 2 barrels and is designed as a standalone, but you can still put two next to each other for a longer looking table. The rustic board tabletops are designed as stand-a-lone or put together to make super long tables.  As a stand-a-lone they each require 2 barrels. Put two tabletops together and use only 3 barrels instead of 4!


Make a barrel bar using 2 bordeau barrels and a rustic board tabletop with a standing half barrel ice cooler on each side filled with ice and sodas or water bottles for the hot Southern California days. For an added touch, rent the small 5-liter working barrel with real spigot. Purchase 3-liter, 5-liter bags or wine-in-a-box and put the bag in the barrel and let the guests fill their glasses from the barrel. How cool is that! Store the extras (bottles, cans, bags) inside an ice filled barrel chest made to hold 60 gallons.  Maybe use the old wheelbarrow to wheel your drinks around.  


And if you want a taller bar, rent the puncheons (while we have them)! Standing 41" tall by themselves, adding a bartop creates the true bar 42" height. But know this... puncheons are almost 3' wide at the center and weight around 200 pounds!


Serving drinks?  Hors d'oeuvres?  We have serving trays made from barrel heads. And for easy access to food, we have Lazy Susans also made from barrel heads. 


The candle holders make great centerpieces.  If you want your guests to walk away with the center piece, let us know and we may be able to give you a quantity discount for purchasing. You'll also want to give us time to make them!  Just plain decor?  Something different?  We have the old Milk Can from the farm.  We only have one of these, so place your order early. 


Put your cake on a round barrel table so it will stand out or have a barrel present table with a small 5 gallon barrel made to hold gift cards. Drop them inside at the top opening slit and after the party, remove the back cover and take them out.  

Get your reservation in early as we have a limited number of products available to rent, plenty of barrels, but since we handcraft everything else, it's all limited (unless you can convince us to make more).


We hand craft accessory items except for barrels.  


Download our free rental brochure here    ---->  


Meet our tabletops:

30" and 36" Round  -  lightweight and easy to carry 

6' and 8' rustic board, about 30" wide  -  1" thick - designed to be lightweight and easy to carry

6' and 8' grainy oak veneer, about 34" wide,  -  the look of 1.5" thick  - designed to be lightweight and easy to carry


Ready to rent?  Click here.


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